Update on Prescott High School shooting

Update on Prescott High School shooting

Here are some minor news updates from Monday’s shooting at Prescott High School in Arkansas.

One student witness described the shooting like this…

“Kid basically told him that he wasn’t going to shoot him and he shot him.”

That definitely sounds like premeditation to me.

The 14-year-old victim is currently in stable condition after being shot in the chest at close range. He may even be out of the hospital by now.

While the gun was said to have been discarded by the 14-year-old shooter, it has been recovered.

According to some parents, there had been warnings posted to social media

“I have seen the snaps [on Snapchat] where the kid was posting photos of himself with a gun and telling people what he was going to do,” Milner said. “Nobody alerted the parents or the kids and it rolled over into this.”

That’s definitely a recurring theme when it comes to school shootings.

It’s been rumored that the shooting stemmed from a fight that happened over the weekend which is reminiscent of the shooting at Butler High in Charlotte, North Carolina.

So far police have not commented on motive and have not released the names of the shooter or the victim.

Also, still no word on how the gun was obtained.

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