Indiana school shooter wanted to ’cause maximum damage’

Indiana school shooter wanted to 'cause maximum damage'
The window that was shot out at Dennis Intermediate School.

In my previous post about the shooting at Dennis Intermediate School in Richmond, Indiana, the shooter’s mother stated she believed that her son, Brandon Clegg, wasn’t there to hurt anyone but wanted to commit suicide by cop. While her view is understandable, I disagreed with her since Clegg was said to be in possession of explosives which to me indicates he wanted to do more than goading police into shooting him. It seems the local police agree as they held a press conference earlier this week stating that they believe Clegg was there to inflict further casualties.

“I’m comfortable telling you that his intent was to cause maximum damage and harm,” said ISP Capt. David Bursten.

The suicide by cop angle also falls apart when it’s discovered that Clegg reportedly had a handwritten plan of attack.

Police have also stated that bullying was not a mitigating factor in the shooting and that Clegg had no specific targets in mind. Let’s also not forget that Clegg didn’t even attend this school anymore.

I’d be very surprised if the investigation didn’t find that Clegg was a columbiner.

As an aside, the explosives that he had in his possession were Molotov Cocktails made with plastic water bottles.

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