Ohio craigslist creeper has missed connection in WV

Ohio craigslist creeper has missed connection in WV
Steven Powell

As some of you may know, I’ve been writing about craigslist crimes for close to 13 years and even I have to admit that crime on craigslist has dropped significantly. That’s not to say craigslist is even remotely safe due to the number of robberies and ripoffs but as far as major crimes like murder and the like are concerned, there’s definitely been a drop-off. That can be attributed to two things. The first is when craigslist finally shut down their adult/erotic service section in 2010 and last year when craigslist shut down their personals and casual encounters sections.

However, craigslist did leave one section open and that was the Missed Connections section. As one might expect, the craigslist creepers and predators have shifted to Missed Connections instead of inhabiting the now-closed sections of craigslist.

One of those creepers is said to be 37-year-old Steven Powell of Marietta, Ohio. Powell is accused of placing a craigslist ad in Missed Connections that said…

“Just looking for some side action today during the day. Looking for a woman or couple only. Not into guys just not my thing. Send a pic and I will return with one.”

Police say a 15-year-old girl from Ritchie County, West Virginia responded to Powell’s ad which supposedly did not discourage Powell.

Troopers also said that Powell sent the girl messages discussing unprotected sex and oral sex.

Jesus, what is it with some creepers who want to impregnate minors?

The news is scant on details whether or not the girl was an actual girl or police posing as one or how Powell was arrested. However, this story does go to show that craigslist is still a cesspool of crime albeit a smaller cesspool.

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