Woman accused of selling 2-year-old to Kik Kreeper

Woman accused of selling 2-year-old to Kik Kreeper

Speaking of predators and social media, one of the worst places online you can allow your kids to roam free is Kik. Kik is a mobile messaging app that can be used as a replacement for text messaging and it also has rooms and groups that people can join. Because of that, many of their rooms and groups are infested by sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors.

One of those people is said to be Michael Lowry of Houston, Texas. He was said to be in a relationship with a woman by the name of Sarah Peters who had a 2-year-old daughter. Peters was allegedly going to allow Lowry to have sex with her daughter (child rape) for the low low price of $1,200. The pair were said to have communicated through Kik.

They discussed getting more naked pictures of the girl. He allegedly wrote to her, “The only reason I need to stop seeing you is I want you both,” and “I remember you talking about Benadryl, and I imagine the things we could do with her sleeping.”

So basically, he wanted to drug the girl with Benadryl and rape her, allegedly.

Police also claim that they found child porn on Lowry’s phone.

Then there’s this little disgusting tidbit…

Lowry allegedly denied having any sexual contact with the girl, but the “defendant further admitted to talking to Peters about having children together and raising the children in an incestuous family.”

But yeah, he didn’t touch the girl. Sure.

If I was still a parent of underage kids I wouldn’t allow them to use Kik no matter how many of their friends might be on it. However, if you do allow them to use it, make sure you personally know anyone on their contacts list.

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