Santa Fe High School shooter taken into federal custody

Santa Fe High School shooter taken into federal custody

Some of you may not remember the shooting that took place at Santa Fe High school in Santa Fe, Texas. Since it occurred in May of last year it has been overshadowed by the Parkland shooting that happened three months before this one. However, the Santa Fe High shooting was no less tragic as ten people were killed by a coward with a gun who had a Columbine obsession.

The coward in question is one Dimitrios Pagourtzis who has yet to go to trial for the 10 murders he’s accused of committing. This past Monday morning, federal agents came to the Galveston County jail and took Pagourtzis into their custody.  Previously, the feds stated that they were not going to file charges against Pagourtzis. What caused them to change their mind is as of yet unknown.

If convicted on Texas charges, Pagourtzis could be eligible for parole after 40 years since he was a juvenile at the time of the shooting. However, under federal jurisdiction, Pagourtzis could be held for much longer.  Back in 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that automatic life sentences without parole for juveniles was unconstitutional. Going forward, most life sentences for juveniles who commit murder, even mass murder, will be given the opportunity for parole, unfortunately.

The family of the victims should never have to endure any kind of parole hearings for this craven coward. 17-years-old is old enough to know that what he was doing is murder, As such, he should be locked away for the rest of his mistake of a life.

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