Minn. school employee compared himself to Las Vegas shooter

Minn. school employee compared himself to Las Vegas shooter
Travis John Anthony Warner Busch

37-year-old Travis John Anthony Warner Busch was a faculty member at a high school in Duluth, Minnesota. He was arrested after allegedly expressing a desire to start shooting up the school. The man with five names is said to have messaged the following to an acquaintance…

“Don’t do that I will murder every cop at my door.”

“I can get in with a few machine guns, kill the one officer first and go to town.”

“Oh by the way this is hypothetical.”

“If the cops come they will die through the door.”

“Just pretend you didn’t hear, I am going to do what I do.”

“There are no innocent.”

He is also said to have referred to an unknown school shooter as his hero and said his shooting abilities were comparable to the gunman from the Las Vegas concert shooting that left 58 dead.

And it’s not just threats we’re talking about either. At the time of his arrest at the school, police found a cocked and loaded .357 in his car. But wait, there’s more…

A later search of Busch’s home revealed numerous firearms, including a loaded 8mm Mauser bolt-action rifle, a pump-style Remington rifle, a loaded Beretta handgun, a Ruger with a scope and banana-style magazine along with equipment that could’ve allowed him to turn it into a fully automatic weapon.

But you know, let’s protect the rights of the criminally insane to own an arsenal rather than the rights of the students to gain an education in relative safety.

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