Parkland shooter’s childish prison love letters

Parkland shooter's childish prison love letters

The news out of Parkland making the rounds lately is that Nikolas Cruz has been writing love letters to a woman in the UK. As you can see by the image above he’s not exactly Shakespeare. I could go into detail about the letters but I’ll not only provide news links to more detailed information but I’ll also provide a copy of the PDF below.

However, I can see these letters trying to accomplish two things. The first is they’ll be used to try to prove that Cruz should not be executed for killing 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. His defenders and he does have some, will say that these letters show that Cruz is too mentally handicapped to be executed. While I agree he’s obviously no Steven Hawking, he had the wherewithal to plan his murder spree well in advance. Then there will be the fangirls (and boys and non-gender specific) who will further romanticize this subhuman refuse. If you don’t believe me, they have already started.

And for those of you who are still stuck on the bullying train, Cruz even admits that he was a bully himself, not to mention an antisocial reprobate.

“When I was thirteen, I started acting out more often in school,” he wrote. “I used to pull the fire alarms, bully teachers and break stuff like I kicked in a window because the kids wouldn’t let (me) in and I poured ice cream all over the floors in 7th grade on my teacher’s birthday it was funny.”

This aberration of a human being does not deserve your sympathy or any kind of mercy as he gave neither to any of his 17 victims.

CBS News
Sun Sentinel

2 thoughts on “Parkland shooter’s childish prison love letters”

  1. After seeing the cell phone videos in which he discusses his looming attack, I realized what a moron Cruz truly is. They were so cringy I could barely watch them.


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