Convicted killer calls a 12-year-old girl a ‘tease’ on Snapchat

Convicted killer calls a 12-year-old girl a 'tease' on Snapchat
William Edward Ward

The Picture of Dorian Gray up there is 60-year-old William Edward Ward of Fort Smith, Florida. He did a 30-year stint in an Indiana prison for second-degree murder and was released last year. More recently, he was arrested for allegedly trying to lure a 12-year-old girl to his home through Snapchat.

Ward’s alleged behavior makes me wonder if he’s always been a creeper because he seemed to have picked up the ways of the online predator pretty quick.

According to the report, the investigator who was secretly pretending to be the 12-year-old girl got a message from Ward stating he could buy the girl an outfit from the Pornhub website and that she could get away with anything and do anything she wanted.

The undercover investigator said Ward even mentioned that he was surprised at how old she actually was and that she looked like she was 19. The investigator noted in the report that Ward mentioned how he noticed the girl and that she is a “tease.”

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Oh, and this bag of wrinkles is also said to have sent the 12-year-old girl a nude pic of himself. Just what every 12-year-old girl wants.

Speaking of which, while Ward is ultimately to blame for his own actions, what the hell is a 12-year-old girl doing on Snapchat? The girl’s parents knew because they’re the ones who notified the authorities. Not only does Snapchat’s terms of service say that a user is supposed to be 13-years-old, but no minor should be on Snapchat without being monitored.

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