Half of Americans are idiots, believe bullying causes school shootings

Half of Americans are idiots, believe bullying causes school shootings

According to a recent poll conducted by the Associated Press, half of all Americans believe that school shootings are caused by bullying. These people are what I like to call misinformed, and also idiots. In case you’re sick of me talking about what I call the Columbine bullying myth too bad because I’m going to talk about it again.

The bullying myth started at Columbine when it was incorrectly reported that the shooting happened because the shooters were bullied. The reality was the complete opposite.  Don’t believe me? Here’s a recent article from Inside Edition debunking all the Columbine myths.

Originally it was thought that the violence was because of bullying the two men faced by their classmates, but investigators later determined that wasn’t the case. It was just one of the many myths surrounding the shooting that would later be debunked.

But yeah, let’s keep beating that dead horse. Not to mention that the Columbine cowards were bullied themselves with Eric Harris harassing someone he considered a friend and Dylan Klebold picked on a disabled kid but why let facts get in the way of misguided belief.

Another thing that annoyed me about the results of this poll is that parents apparently haven’t changed their entitled attitudes in 20 years.

And parents of school-age children are especially likely to blame shootings on schools themselves, compared with other adults, 49% to 36%.

Because it couldn’t be because of your spoiled and coddled hellspawn that vomited forth from your genitals.  No, it has to be because of the schools.

However, before you lose your last shred of faith in humanity there is a bright spot among the darkness.

Nearly half of Americans strongly blame shootings on the availability of guns, and a majority, 67%, want to see the nation’s gun laws made stricter.

To say that the ease of access to firearms isn’t a major contributing factor to school shootings is fooling themselves. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take another 20 years before something is done about it.

9 thoughts on “Half of Americans are idiots, believe bullying causes school shootings”

  1. Multiple factors. Infamy and media coverage, Mental health, environmental factors and access to firearms and so on.

    I believe this to be the major factors.


  2. Most mass shooters were using psychotropic pharmaceuticals and these pharmaceuticals become more prevalent over the last few decades.


          1. Your news article from politifact already presents many of the facts, but then claims that some undisclosed experts say they are not pronounced enough prove anything. Who anointed politifact the arbiter of pronouncement? Who are these experts? Doctors, no doubt, who line their pockets by prescribing the psychotropic pharmaceuticals that the mass shooters are taking.

            When it comes to disarming citizens, the argument is that if we can save even one life, then we must pass unconstitutional laws to restrict gun ownership, but there are no reports of the hundreds of thousands of citizens who defend themselves with firearms every year, but will no longer be able to defend themselves when their guns are taken.

            There is no constitutional right to take pharmaceuticals like there is to bear arms. Seems like a no brainer to prohibit these psychotropic pharmaceuticals because it will save lives. Just like guns, any benefit from psychotropic pharmaceuticals, perceived or actual, is irrelevant. With medical procedures, there is Hippocratic Oath to do no harm.


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