Teen accused of killing grandparents also wanted to commit school shooting

Teen accused of killing grandparents also wanted to commit school shooting

17-year-old Alexander M. Kraus of Grand Chute, Wisconsin has allegedly confessed to the murder of his grandparents. Kraus is said to have fatally shot his grandparents 74-year-old Dennis Kraus and 73-year-old Letha Kraus and had planned the double murder for some time.

Kraus reportedly called 911 after shooting both his grandparents in the head with a shotgun. Police found a folder that contained writings about how Kraus would go about killing his grandparents. So far, no motive has been given for the murders. However, that’s not the only thing about Kraus.

Alexander M. Kraus

Kraus is said to have told police that he also wanted to commit a school shooting at his own high school.

Not only that, but the shotgun he used to kill his grandparents had a knife taped to the end of it. That sounds a lot like someone who either plays too many video games or watches too many zombie movies. While I don’t think that either of those things caused Krauss to kill it does seem he’s one of those people who think that things crafted in fiction work in real life.

It’s also not unusual for school shooters to kill their family members as Kip Kinkel killed both of his parents, Jeff Weise killed his grandfather, and Adam Lanza killed his mother. I think for whatever reason after he killed his grandparents he may have felt remorse after he realized what he did. For all we know, the school attack could have been planned for after the murder.

Kraus has been charged as an adult and is facing two possible life sentences.

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