RSO sentenced for trying to lure girl over Omegle

RSO sentenced for trying to lure girl over Omegle

39-year-old Andrew Cunningham, formerly of Windsor, Connecticut, was recently sentenced to 18-years in prison for trying to lure a 13-year-old Tennessee girl to Connecticut. Cunningham met the girl through the random chat site Omegle. In case you’re unfamiliar with Omegle, it’s a website, not an app, that pairs strangers into a chat room. The chat can have video or just be a text chat.

At first, Cunningham told his victim that he was 17 then told her that he was 25. It must not have been a  video chat since there’s no way that this guy…

Andrew Cunningham

…could ever pass for 25 let alone 17. Not with that hairline anyway.

Not only did Cunningham try to get the girl to send explicit pictures of herself but also tried to get her to come to Connecticut by bus. It’s always by bus with these creeps. They’re either cheap or they think that somehow bus lines and stations are magically invisible to police.

Before being arrested for this incident in 2017, Cunningham was on the sex offender registry after being convicted of aggravated sexual abuse in 2015 for traveling to Illinois to have sex (child rape) with an underage girl. Just another reason to keep these predators behind bars for longer.

Omegle is not a site recommended for children but Omegle has no real age check to speak of and anybody can use it as long as they have an internet connected device. And since it’s not an app you would need to check your children’s browser history to see if they visited it. If your kids have a laptop with a webcam I would not recommend letting them use it unsupervised. Otherwise, it’s just like having a window into their room for strangers.

CT Post
Hartford Courant

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