Pacoima man facing gun charges after son threatens school shooting

Pacoima man facing gun charges after son threatens school shooting

Back in November, a student threatened a school shooting at Cesar Chavez Academy in San Fernando, California. The student was from the Los Angeles neighborhood of Pacoima. When the home was searched police say that they found several firearms that were stored in unsecured locations. To make matters worse, there were trigger locks in the home but weren’t securing any triggers. Police also found hundreds of rounds of ammunition for the various guns.

More recently, the boy’s father, 48-year-old Albert Sanchez has been charged with unlawful storage of a firearm. Unfortunately, those charges are only misdemeanors and the most Sanchez could get is one year of jail time and a $2,000 fine. If his son’s threat went unreported it could have taken no effort by Sanchez’s son to procure one of these weapons and probably sneak it out of the house without anyone noticing.

If careless parents, or other ‘responsible’ gun owners, are going to continue to treat their firearms in such a flippant way then maybe these charges should be reclassified as felonies in the future. What’s a matter California? I thought you prided yourself on your gun control laws. However, it seems that you’re not actually controlling much.

One thought on “Pacoima man facing gun charges after son threatens school shooting”

  1. Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station says the solution is to hold personal behavior responsible, not more background checks or weapons bans. Punish bad behavior with guns so severely–like loss of gun-owning privileges AND jail time, with NO exceptions whatsoever–that gunsuckers will eventually clean up their acts and behave in a truly responsible fashion. You’re up against the male gun-licking sexual ego, however, so this will not happen overnight. Punishing those who behave flippantly, carelessly, recklessly, or aggressively with guns won’t touch the TRULY responsible law-abiding gun owner.


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