Alabama man tries soliciting teen through LetGo

Alabama man tries soliciting teen through LetGo
Byron Bresett

If you’re not familiar with LetGo, it’s a marketplace app where people can buy and sell things. Think of it like craigslist but more modern and stylish. One of the big differences between LetGo and craigslist is that LetGo never had any sections like personals or ‘casual encounters’. So, you would think that LetGo wouldn’t be used to target children like craigslist has in the past. And you’d be wrong.

Recently, 31-year-old Byron James Bresett of Gadsden, Alabama, allegedly approached a 14-year-old girl who was selling an item on LetGo. Bresett is said to have offered the girl money in exchange for sex. Thankfully, the girl did not play Bresett’s game and immediately told her parents who contacted the police. Investigators then posed as the girl and set up a meeting between themselves and Bresett.

While luckily no one, except for Bresett’s road rash, was hurt no child needs to be unmonitored on any app that deals with the general public. It seems that it doesn’t matter what the app was originally intended for as predators will try to use it as a grooming or luring tool.

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