Suspect convicted in classifieds killing of Texas mother

Suspect convicted in classifieds killing of Texas mother
April Vancleave

33-year-old April Vancleave of Arlington, Texas was murdered around Christmas-time in 2016. She was selling handmade jewelry on the marketplace app 5miles in order to buy Christmas presents for her 6-year-old daughter. She took just about every precaution in trying to ensure her safety as she took her husband with her to the meet, the meet was at a local Target store and was done during the day.  However, the buyers never showed up so her husband dropped her off at home and went back to work. Her assailants followed her home and after her husband left they shot and killed her.

One of those suspects,  Mario Hernan Lopez Gamez, was recently found guilty of capital murder and was sentenced to life without parole.  The second suspect who was originally identified as Alex Menor Diaz is still awaiting trial. His actual name has been released as Edwin Alexander Diaz as Diaz is said to have used several different aliases.

Again, while no plan is absolutely perfect, the best option when making these type of transactions is to do them at your local police station.

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