1 dead, 8 injured at STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting in Colorado

1 dead, 8 injured at STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting in Colorado

Yesterday, one student was killed and 8 others injured at the STEM School Highlands Ranch in Highland Ranch, Colorado. There were two gunmen. One has been identified as 18-year-old Devon Erickson and the other an unidentified minor. Both are students of the school as the school carries grades K-12. The victims have yet to be identified, however, the fatality was said to be that of 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo The injured students were all 15-years-old or older. Both suspects are in custody.

A search warrant was executed at one of the suspects’ homes but it’s unknown if police have found anything incriminating.

A parent of one of the teachers believes her daughter may have been a target.

Neither suspect was on the radar of law enforcement but I bet in the coming days we’ll find out that they should have been.

One student’s parent said that he heard the gunmen entered a classroom with a guitar case which one of them pulled a gun out of. Sadly, this isn’t the first instance I’ve heard of where one of these punks thought themselves as El Mariachi.

The juvenile suspect has been identified as a trans student who is in transition from female to male. I’m afraid the suspect being trans could cause undo backlash against trans students in other schools.

Some of the injured have been released from the hospital while there are others in both stable and critical condition.

At least three handguns and a rifle have been recovered from the scene.

Once again we have someone who thought ‘It can’t happen here.’

“We chose a small school because we thought they’d be safer, because we thought that everybody would know everybody,” she said.

As I’ve said before, this is where school shootings take place, small-town America and not in the big cities. Familiarity breeds contempt.

A white Honda sedan was towed from one of the suspect’s homes that was spraypainted with a pentagram, 666, and ‘fuck society’. Always the edgelords these losers are.

And we have even one more instance of ‘It can’t happen here.’

“You always see other people when it’s happening somewhere else,” a parent said. “I never thought it would be us.”

See above.

So far this has been given as motives but I find it to be irresponsible reporting…

The sources said that the motive of the alleged shooters went beyond bullying and involved revenge and anger towards others at the school and that at least one of the suspects was involved in legal and illegal drug use and had been in therapy.

Now, I could definitely see a trans student being bullied, not that it should excuse murder. However, to say one of the suspects had been in therapy without context could be grossly misleading and reinforces the stigma that mental healthcare already carries.

President Tangerine Nightmare issued the following statement…

“Our prayers are with the victims, family members, and all those affected by today’s shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch in Littleton, Colorado,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere said. “Tragically, this community and those surrounding it know all too well these hateful and horrible acts of violence.”

But as usual as long as half of the country’s politicians lick the boots of the NRA nothing will change.

There were rumors of a third shooter which I’m sure the conspiracy theorists and apologists will tout as fact. You can read my post here about why so many times extraneous shooters are reported but never found.

Speaking of multiple shooters, this has been the first school shooting with multiple suspects since Columbine and the third in the US after Jonesboro and Columbine. Internationally, there was also the attack at the Raul Brasil School in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

A former friend of Erickson’s described a recent meeting with him…

Erickson wore all black, a hat and sunglasses, was significantly skinnier and didn’t seem interested in talking. “He said he’d just turned 18 and he owned rifles.”

Take that for what you will.

Lastly, we’ll close with one parent had to say that sums up today’s attitudes toward crimes like this…

“I wasn’t panicking because they hadn’t given any details yet. It’s hard when you don’t know,” she said. “This is Colorado. We have school shootings.”

Sadly’ she’s not wrong.

As with most school shootings, rumors spread quickly amidst the chaos so many of these details could change in the coming days.

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2 thoughts on “1 dead, 8 injured at STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting in Colorado”

  1. re irresponsible reporting and the “3rd shooter”: something specific to this case that bred a LOT of confusion was that everyone was referring to McKinney by female and male names/pronouns interchangeably.
    It also didn’t help that in the immediate aftermath, there were a lot of people who saw Kendrick without knowing who he was, and thought HE was part of it and was taken down.


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