You didn’t predict a school shooting, Karen!

You didn't predict a school shooting, Karen!

I was going to include this story with a more comprehensive collection of news on the subject. However, I wanted to address the elephant in the room, and that’s the STEM School Highlands Ranch parent who supposedly warned the school a shooting like this would happen.

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, back in December, an anonymous parent of one of the school’s students sent a letter to the school district warning another Columbine would happen due to the school’s ‘high-pressure environment’.

The district official’s letter, seen by Reuters, said the parent told Douglas County School Board of Education Director Wendy Vogel by telephone that “many students are suicidal and violent in school. Several students have reported sexual assault and nothing is being done.”

Referencing an alleged bomb threat and “an extremely high drug culture at STEM,” the parent said the environment at the school was “the perfect storm,” according to the letter.

Now, I’m not trying to trivialize the shooting or this parent’s concerns, however, this is only one parent’s opinion. What the headline fails to tell you is that the school found no evidence of any of this and is trying to find the name of the anonymous parent in order to sue them for defamation. In reality, what more than likely happened is that a Karen didn’t care for something that happened to her kid at school (Not making cheerleader? Who knows?) and reacted in a hyperbolic manner the way many entitled parents do.

So as far as the parent’s prognostication abilities go, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

2 thoughts on “You didn’t predict a school shooting, Karen!”

  1. this is way late… BUT: the karen may have been stupid and I definitely agree with the blind squirrel comment. BUT speaking from experience there was definite sexual harassment happening @ the school. I mean, to be a bit fair, STEM has a big problem with a lot of “special” kids because though it is not a private school, you still CHOOSE to go there (as opposed to other schools in the area), so you end up with plenty of people who fit that “gifted and talented but socially inept” to a T. All this to say that the school has a hard time dealing with the socially inept kids, especially when they have IEPs/504s and angry parents, so you end up with a kid that was held back (and was thus over 18 while still in HS) that masturbates in class, feels people up, and publishes hypnotism rape fanfiction of real people in the school (yes, using their names) with little/no punishment. Fun, right?


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