The UNCC shooter may have had specific targets in mind

The UNCC shooter may have had specific targets in mind

In my previous posts about the UNCC shooting that left two victims dead, I said I couldn’t shake the feeling that the shooting was more of a personal attack rather than a random act of violence. While there is some evidence to indicate that the shooter’s targets were picked at random there is now a witness who claims that Trystan Terrell may have had specific targets in mind.

If you’ll recall, Terrell had effectively dropped out of the school but was still attending one class, the very class where he launched his attack. A witness who was in the classroom at the time claims that Terrell fired into a specific area of the classroom.

“All of a sudden, the door on the north side of the room slams open. A guy rushes in, pulls up a gun with his right hand … and began firing at the far north corner table,”  Sophomore Joshua Ayers said. “He didn’t speak a word — just ran in and started shooting.

He said the attacker appeared to target one particular table. “I don’t want to say he specifically fired at that table, but fired mostly in/around that area,” he said.

However, the amount of ammunition that Terrell was carrying seems to suggest that he was trying to accomplish a maximum body count but nothing says he can’t try to fulfill a vendetta at the same time. Again, not that any of this excuses the selfish actions of this coward.

If Terrell did target certain individuals I’ll be curious to know what his motivation was and how petty his reasoning will be. Usually, with these gun-toting cowards, it can be as something as receiving a bad grade or being rejected by a classmate. And in most cases, it’s usually something that the shooter themselves are responsible for but these entitled and self-absorbed cretins blame everyone but themselves.


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