What the Right got wrong about the STEM School shooting

What the Right got wrong about the STEM School shooting
Then how the fuck do you know, Karen?

It’s no secret that in the early days of this website I considered myself to be a conservative. How I got to be that way is a story in itself that I’ll tackle at some other time. As time went on and I got older I became more of a centrist. There are liberal policies I agree with and conservative ones I agree with. However, the closer we got to the 2016 Presidential Election I could no longer in good conscience call myself a Republican. I couldn’t bear to see people who I thought were smarter than that get behind the Tangerine Nightmare of  Donald Trump. I grew up near Atlantic City and watched how his M.O. of consistently declaring his businesses bankrupt cost a lot of people their jobs in America’s Playground. In 2016, I changed my party affiliation to Independent and gladly voted for Hillary Clinton even though I’m still not a fan of her husband’s Presidency.

In the run-up to Trump’s ascendence to the White House, racists and bigots became emboldened in their public displays of hate. While Facebook was already a dumpster fire of political discourse, in the past three years it’s become a toxic hell-stew of hatred full of misinformed memes that only tell part of the story. How people who consider themselves to be ‘good Christians’ continue to support this racist and immoral idiot is beyond me, but I digress.

Since the STEM School Highlands Ranch school shooting happened in Colorado, the right-wing media has been falling all over themselves due to the political and societal views of the suspects. Devon Erickson has been described as an anti-Christian Obama supporter who supports the rights of the LGBT community. Alec McKinney is trans and is transitioning from female to male. The right-wing press couldn’t wait to point these facts out as if to say: “Hey look, these shooters are Liberals. It’s the Liberals’ fault school shootings happen.” All the while ignoring the fact that the guns used in the shooting were legally purchased by one of the shooter’s parents and easily stolen by the shooter. We can’t possibly infringe on our God-given right to own firearms just for the sake of owning them. Jesus would have owned an AR-15 don’t you know. 

Then the right-wing press had what they must have considered a Christmas present fall into their laps as it was reported that Alec McKinney’s father, Jose Evis Quintana, not only has a criminal record but has been deported from the US twice for being in the country illegally. You know what that means don’t you? It must mean that immigrants are the cause of school shootings, BUILD THE WALL!!!!!

As far as none of this being reported in the ‘mainstream media’ it was, but when you’re reading nothing but right-wing rags like Breitbart, of course, you’re not going to see it reported in the mainstream press. That’s called confirmation bias, look it up sometime.

For once, a mass shooter in the US is a Liberal and the right acts like they just won the damn Super Bowl. How about we list all the MAGA hat wearing members of the alt-right who have been mass shooters instead? Nikolas Cruz of the Parkland school shooting, William Atchison of the Aztec High School shooting, Incel Prime Elliot Rodger of the Isla Vista shooting, Dylann Roof, Chris Harper-Mercer of the Umpqua Community College shooting, do I need to go on?

This is all sleight of hand done by the right to detract from the real issues that cause school shootings: lack of accessible and affordable mental healthcare, the ease of gun access, and institutionally endorsed hate. I’m not saying that the shooters aren’t responsible for their own actions but it sure as hell has nothing to do with Obama, LGBT rights, or immigration.

If you’re one of these hate-filled troglodytes, I’d rather not have you as a reader.

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