Would be Portland school shooter only had one shotgun shell

Would be Portland school shooter only had one shotgun shell

I originally posted about the attempted school shooting at Parkrose High School in Portland here. It was originally reported that the suspect’s name was Angel Granados Dias. However, that was incorrect and his name is actually Angel Granados-Diaz.

Since the time of the attempted shooting two weeks ago, it’s been reported that Granados-Diaz only had one shotgun shell in his shotgun. It’s believed that he was trying to commit suicide by cop. Witnesses have said that Granados-Diaz allegedly claimed he owned a gun and talked about suicide prior to the incident.

Granados-Diaz has been charged with suspicion of possession of a firearm in a public building, possession of a loaded firearm in public, reckless endangering, and discharge of a firearm at a school. He has pleaded not guilty to these charges. The discharge of a firearm at a school charge comes from Oregon law where a suspect can be charged with discharging a gun if they attempted to fire one.

Granados-Diaz’s defense attorney claims that his client was depressed and that’s why he brought the gun to school.

It still hasn’t been made known where exactly Granados-Diaz obtained the shotgun.

Having said all that if Granados-Diaz did suffer from depression it still doesn’t excuse his actions. While depression does drive some people to suicide, to involve and endanger others in your suicide plot is beyond irresponsible. Not only that but further stunts like this once again further stigmatizes those who are in need of mental healthcare.

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