Man who sold 16-year-old girl to Backpage pimp for$250 sentenced

Man who sold 16-year-old girl to Backpage pimp for$250 sentenced
Charles McFee

Charles McFee was the man who was said to have sold 16-year-old Desiree Robinson to a pimp by the name of Joseph Hazley for $250. Hazley went on to turn out Desiree on Backpage where she was brutally murdered by a john during a Christmas Eve party in Markham, Illinois. Hazley was recently sentenced to 32-years behind bars while Desiree’s killer, Antonio Rosales, is still awaiting trial.

Late last week, McFee was sentenced to seven years behind bars after pleading guilty to sex trafficking charges. McFee was said to have shown remorse during sentencing saying that he was young and dumb and would take it back if he could.

Desiree’s murder was a flashpoint that led to the FOSTA and SESTA legislation that effectively made sites like Backpage illegal, with Desiree’s mother attending the ceremony where the proposed legislation was signed into law.

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