Arrests made in Indiana OfferUp killing of teen

Arrests made in OfferUp killing of Indiana teen
Shooting victim Johnny Peluyera

Previously, I’ve posted about the murder of 16-year-old Johnny Peluyera who was shot and killed in Gary, Indiana after trying to sell an Xbox on marketplace app OfferUp.  Johnny and his father met the buyers at an abandoned house in Gary when the transaction turned deadly. One of the suspects allegedly produced a silver handgun before shooting Johnny in the back before he could reach his father’s car.

For a while, the suspects were at large, however, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office have announced that two suspects in Johnny’s murder have been arrested. While the suspects’ names have not yet been released, one is said to be 18-years-old while the other is 17. The Sheriff’s Office has said they will be requesting that the 17-year-old be tried as an adult.

The suspects have not yet been officially charged but once they are their names will be released.

Again, as the amount of violence increases against people using apps like OfferUp there is only one relatively safe location to make these transactions and that’s at your local police department. While it’s not a 100% guarantee of your safety, it does go a long way in discouraging the criminally inclined from attempting to bring you grievous harm.

ABC 7 Chicago

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