Episode 8-Rise Above Hate

This week Trench talks about the ignorant bigotry (bignorantry?) against trans people in this country. He also discusses Nancy Grace’s regrettable return to the airwaves along with one of the crimes she discussed on the first episode of her new show.

Being transgender did not cause a school shooting and a good guy with a gun shoots an innocent (More on the STEM School shooting) https://wp.me/p3Qxf-jLO

Once again, What the Right got wrong about the STEM School shooting https://wp.me/p3Qxf-jAP

Nancy Grace to poison the airwaves again https://wp.me/p3Qxf-jPP

From the Archives: Pam Vitale’s murder https://trenchreynolds.com/tag/pam-vitale/

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