Jonesboro gunman dies in crash

Jonesboro gunman dies in crash
Andrew Golden, aka Drew Grant, from 2008

Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden were 13 and 11 respectively when they committed a school shooting at Westside Middle School in Jonesboro, Arkansas. It was 1998 when the pair killed five and injured others. At the time, Arkansas did not have a law in place that could keep the pair behind bars past their 21st birthdays. Mitchell Johnson was released in 2005 but was back in jail in 2007 on drug and theft charges. Johnson was released from prison on these charges in 2015.

Johnson’s cohort, Andrew Golden, was released from prison for the school shooting in 2007. He legally changed his name to Drew Douglas Grant and as far as I know, largely stayed out of trouble. At one point Grant did apply for a conceal and carry permit but that was denied by the Arkansas State Police.  Both Mitchell and Golden/Grant have blamed each other for the shooting.

Grant was killed Yesterday in a two-car collision.  By most reports, it was the other car that was at fault and crossed into the opposing lane where it struck Grant’s car killing him. He was 33-years-old at the time of his death.

While I’m of the opinion that justice was not served properly for the deaths of the five victims at the hands of Golden and Johnson, I take no pleasure in hearing about his death.

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