Five people charged in LetGo killing of SC teen

Five people charged in LetGo killing of SC teen

This past Wednesday, 15-year-old Juan Mauricio Calderon was shot in Spartanburg, South Carolina after meeting someone through the LetGo app. Calderon was trying to buy a cell phone and had met the ‘seller’ at a home in Spartanburg. In what was believed to be a robbery attempt, Calderon was shot in the back of the head which severed his brain stem. Sadly, Calderon passed away from his injuries yesterday.

After Calderon was found by police, five people had been charged with attempted murder. Those that can be identified are 18-year-old Takyus Hawes, 20-year-old Chizon Richardson, 17-year-old Shyheim Suber, and 18-year-old George Waters Jr. An unidentified 15-year-old is believed to be the alleged shooter and is said to have confessed to shooting Calderon.

I have yet to read a report that has said the charges have been upgraded to murder but I imagine that will be coming soon.

Again, if you’re going to meet someone through one of these marketplace apps like LetGo there is no 100% sure way of guaranteeing your own safety. The best way to greatly improve the odds in your favor is to meet the other person at a local police station. While not the perfect solution, it should go a long way in discouraging con artists, crooks and killers.

The old rules of only meeting someone during the day in a well it area no longer apply as criminals have gotten increasingly more brazen over the years.

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