Video games being made the scapegoat for violence again

Video games being made the scapegoat for violence again

For the past 25 years, politicians have been making video games the scapegoat for whatever ills are plaguing society at the time. It started with the arcade release of the original Mortal Kombat in 1994. Then Doom was being blamed for causing the Columbine massacre. Now, assclowns like Mitch McConnell and our tangerine-tinged racist sex pest of a President are blaming video games for the recent spate of mass shootings. To be fair though, this is not strictly a partisan tactic, as in the past Democrats such as Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton have also used video games as an excuse not to pass real legislation.

Why do politicians do this even though there has yet to be any scientific evidence linking video games to real-world violence?  It’s simple really. Video games are an easy thing to blame without losing voters. Back in the day, I used to call this ‘Soccer Mom’ rhetoric. For example, former North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper used to blame MySpace for all the sexual predators that used to infest the social network, you know, instead of telling parents that they need to watch their kids more closely to better protect them from predators. This way Cooper could appeal to his ignorant base without alienating any voters. Now, the assclowns currently in power are pointing the finger at video games as the cause of mass shootings. They can do this without pissing off the NRA or their gun-toting fanatics.  I guess today the blaming of video games could be considered a ‘Karen’ tactic.

While yes, the murderers who commit these mass shootings are ultimately responsible for their actions, they’re not committing mass homicide with game controllers and RGB lighting, they’re doing it with guns. If you take the guns out of their hands then the chances of a mass shooting are greatly diminished. It really is that simple.

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