Phoenix swim coach accused of Snapchatting teen victim

Phoenix swim coach accused of Snapchatting teen victim
Isaak Corrales

Again, I have to ask what is it with teachers and coaches who keep creeping on their students through Snapchat?

Anyway, 23-year-old swim coach Isaak Corrales of Phoenix, Arizona, has been arrested for allegedly grooming an underage teenage girl through Snapchat. Not only is Corrales accused of sending explicit photos to the girl but also telling the girl how he wanted to be with her after she turned 18 and how he wanted her to have his children. Age of consent in Arizona is 18. But here we have yet another creeper who wants to impregnate a child he’s grooming. I guess creepers want to keep a string of newer models once their former victims age out.  Gross.

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Corrales was busted by the girl’s mom who found the inappropriate messages on the girl’s phone.

Trench’s suggestion for parents is still the same to check your kids’ phones often, don’t let them have any internet devices in their room after bedtime and have them identify everyone in their friends list for each of their apps. Remember, as a parent or guardian, you are the only line of defense between online predators and your kids.

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