Student with gun stopped outside of Indiana high school

Student with gun stopped outside of Indiana high school

You can tell that some kids are already back to school by reports like this one.

A 15-year-old student of Muncie Central High School in Muncie, Indiana, was stopped before entering the school with a loaded gun yesterday. The gun was said to be a small-caliber handgun. That may sound like it’s not as dangerous as other firearms, however, small caliber firearms can not only penetrate bulletproof vests but they can also ricochet around inside a victim’s body once the round enters the victim.

School resource officers were warned about the student and had dealt with him previously in the day over something minor.

The question remains though as to where a 15-year-old was able to get his hands on a loaded pistol. If I had to hazard a guess, I would probably say that it was due to more ‘responsible’ gun-owning parents who don’t store their guns properly. There needs to be more prosecution of these kinds of parents if their kids continue to find unsecured guns in the home.

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