Alabama man charged with illegally dealing arms on Armslist

Alabama man charged with illegally dealing arms on Armslist

Arkeuntrez Kenyez Lareco Washington of Alabama has been charged with illegally dealing firearms through Armslist. Washington allegedly purchased over 15 guns from Hoover Tactical Firearms and Academy Sports and Outdoors stores. He would then list the guns for sale on Armslist and allegedly ship them out of state, and in some cases, out of the country without performing any kind of background check. Washington is said to have told federal investigators that he used burner phones to conduct business on Armslist.

As I have mentioned before, Armslist falls under the gun show loophole which means that under current federal law,  private gun sellers are not required to conduct background checks. This has allowed an untold number of guns to end up in the hands of criminals.

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