AR-15 stolen from Tenn. School

AR-15 stolen from Tenn. School

This past week, an AR-15 was stolen from Red Boiling Springs School in Macon County, Tennessee. The gun was allegedly stolen by former students Adam Cisneros and Lee Clark. The pair were said to have broken into the school overnight and somehow breached a gun safe in the School Resource Officer’s office. Thankfully, the gun was recovered before any real harm could be done. The gun was found buried behind Clark’s home.

So I’m sure like me, you’re wondering why there was an AR-15 at the school. According to the Macon County Sheriff’s Department policy, SROs are allowed to bring personal guns on campus as well as their service weapon.

This is the main reason that for years I have said arming teachers is just asking for trouble. Even when I was against gun control I said that storing guns on campus has the potential for the guns to be used against the very students they’re said to be protecting.

Let’s also discuss the fact that an AR-15 was stored at the school. While the gun only fires one round with one pull of the trigger, the rounds the AR-15 uses are meant to leave gaping exit wounds in its target as shown by this clip from 60 Minutes.

While I have the utmost respect for police since they do a thankless job that is under constant scrutiny, this RSO sounds like the type who was hoping that a shooting would happen at his school. I bet he has a Punisher decal on at least one of his weapons. Not to be ‘that guy’ but maybe he was expecting 30-50 feral hogs to appear at the school.

In my opinion, no untrained civilian has any business brandishing such a destructive weapon and under no circumstances should such a gun be left in any school unguarded overnight.


One thought on “AR-15 stolen from Tenn. School”

  1. See, the SRO (probably shaved head, biceps bulging from his ‘roid regimen) has a fantasy that he just LOVES to rub one out to: that he’s gonna take that AR-15 and BLAST that punk kid RIGHT THROUGH THE WALL with one kill shot.

    And then he’ll have the Ultimate Pleasure of putting another cap in the punk kid’s head.

    I bet he rubs one out to that fantasy every fucking night.


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