Kik couple shared pictures of child abuse with each other

Kik couple shared pictures of child abuse with each other

Bennie Schuck II and Amber Talley, both of Indianapolis, have been arrested and charged with sexual exploitation of a child. The pair are accused of allegedly sexually abusing a less than 12-year-old girl and sharing the images with each other on the mobile messaging app Kik. Schuck was said to be sharing the images with other Kik users as well. According to investigators, Schuck said that he ‘only’ abused the girl less than 20 times. Both Schuck and Talley are facing prison sentences of 30 years apiece.

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Sadly, stories like this no longer surprise me as Kik is a well-known haven for sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors. If you find the Kik app on any of your kids’ devices, I would recommend not only deleting the app but enabling parental controls so apps like Kik could not be downloaded.

Indy Star
The Indy Channel

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