Craigslist killer of Florida mom wants death sentence overturned

Craigslist killer of Florida mom wants death sentence overturned
David Sparre

David Sparre was convicted in 2011 for the murder of 21-year-old Tiara Pool. The Jacksonville, Florida mother of one had met Sparre through craigslist’s Casual Encounters section in 2010. Sparre was just looking for a victim as he stabbed Tiara Pool 89 times in what Sparre admitted to being a thrill kill. In 2012 Sparre was sentenced to death by a Florida jury. The last we had heard, Sparre was looking for a new trial on the grounds of diminished capacity and ineffective counsel.

Now, Sparre’s latest attorney is arguing with the Supreme Court to have his death sentence overturned, once again, because of ineffective counsel. She argues that Sparre’s five defense attorneys were just looking to make a name for themselves.

“Mr. Sparre had one death-qualified lawyer who can not take capital cases anymore. He had four other additional lawyers who all jumped on his case, so they could get death qualified,” Biggart said. “There was confusion at the evidentiary hearing over who was actually lead, who was fourth chair, who was third chair. This was not a well-oiled machine.”

While I am far from a legal expert, it’s difficult to defend someone in a capital murder case when he shows up for his trial with prison tattoos on his face that he got after his arrest. That’s not even taking into account the letter he wrote to his ex-girlfriend after his conviction where he admitted to enjoying killing Tiara Pool.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sparre’s death sentence was overturned as many places and officials are losing their nerve for it. As I say in most of these cases, his death sentence will be infinitely more humane than what he did to Tiara Pool.

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