Good guy with a gun at school shooting wasn’t supposed to have one

Good guy with a gun at school shooting wasn't supposed to have one

I’ve previously discussed the armed security guard at STEM School Highlands Ranch here. The guard not only shot at police thinking they were one of the suspects but one of his rounds penetrated a wall and wounded a female student of the school. Now, it turns out, that he wasn’t even supposed to be carrying the gun on campus.

According to The Colorado Sun, the school specifically requested that the guard be unarmed as it goes against Douglas County School District policy to have an armed guard on campus. The school wasn’t even aware the guard was armed until the day of the shooting since the guard was allegedly concealing his weapon at all times.

Much like the school resource officer in Tennessee who brought an AR-15 to a high school, this sounds like someone who was just itching for a chance to use his firearm at the school. While it seems like that the guard was relishing such an opportunity it also seems like he was ill-prepared when the opportunity presented itself. Instead, the guard ended up doing more harm than good.

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