Kreepy Kik app is klosing

Kreepy Kik app is klosing

In the past, I’ve shared stories with you about how mobile messaging app Kik is the preferred app of choice of sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors. Now, these scourges of society will have to find a new app to prey on children because Kik is shutting down the messenger app but not for the reason you may think.

Kik is shutting down, not because of its status of being creeper heaven, but because they’re more interested in being a cryptocurrency company.  To that end, Kik is in hot water with the SEC over the way Kin, Kik’s cryptocurrency was launched. By no means am I a financial expert in any way but the reports state that “when Kik Interactive had launched Kin, it had effectively conducted a $100m (£80m) “unregistered” stock offering.”

Well, for whatever reason I’m glad Kik is shutting down since they never really did much to discourage its use by its creepy clientele. However, online predators will not just magically disappear into the ether and will migrate to another platform. The question remains which platform will become the new Kik?

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