UNCC shooter pleads guilty, gets LWOP

UNCC shooter pleads guilty, gets LWOP

Back in late April of this year, there was a school shooting at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. It’s referred to as UNCC by locals.  22-year-old Trystan Andrew Terrell entered a classroom armed with a handgun with which he shot and killed two people and injured four more. He was wrestled to the ground before he could hurt anyone else and was held until police arrived.

About a week and a half ago, Terrell pleaded guilty to murder charges. Under the plea deal, Terrell was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. Many of those affected by Terrell’s selfish actions were disappointed at the plea deal hoping that he would receive the death penalty. While I share their sentiment, no one has been executed by the state of  North Carolina in 13 years.

Since Terrell had no previous criminal record, it wasn’t difficult for him to purchase a firearm in the Tarheel State. Having lived there myself I can tell you that it’s not hard to obtain a gun there at all.

Defense attorneys argued that since Terrell had been diagnosed with Autism, the death penalty would be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Conversely, Terrell had been planning a school shooting since August of 2018 and constantly practiced at the shooting range.

No motive for the shooting has ever been made public. However, due to his reported inability to deal with social situations, I would bet that he had some kind of manufactured grudge against students at the school much like Cho Seung-Hui manufactured a persecution complex against the supposed ‘rich kids’ at Virginia Tech.

Autism does not cause people to plan elaborate school shootings and as such Terrell was a perfect candidate for the death penalty. What’s cruel and unusual is the way he selfishly murdered his victims for no discernible reason.

11 thoughts on “UNCC shooter pleads guilty, gets LWOP”

  1. What an incredibly short sighted post. You might as well argue for eugenics.

    Did it occur to you that maybe, the harassment and bullying that goes on in these colleges might share a percentage of blame-that professors and staff might be in some small way, partially responsible for being targeted?

    That maybe, something is wrong with your countries OTHER laws, which fail to protect victims of bullying and trance formation?


  2. Thank you for your reply.

    I dont have enough evidence to conclsively say that yet.

    However, there are several points that hit the ROGS Bingo card pretty hard:

    – he withdrew from that specific class. That could be an indicator of Professor F@ck Your Life Finklesteinism

    re: https://patch.com/new-jersey/middletown-nj/brookdale-prof-dropped-f-bomb-conservative-student

    -tinfoil on windows (may or may not have been anti -solar type ) and isolation. Many TIs report community mobbing that leads them to isolate themselves

    – his statement that he “went in and shot the guy ” indicates that he possibly targeted someone specific, who may have targeted him, contrary to the narrative that no one can discern his motive .

    – the missing hard drive. This shows up in many mass shooter cases, and some of those also share features of being TIs

    -autism. Many autistics are targeted, bullied, and harassed online and off

    These cases deserve more public scrutiny, and less official narrative, and definitely less of “his reported inability to deal with social situations,” being held up as the root cause of the event.


    1. You may want to hold off your thanks as with all due respect, I am not a believer in the gangstalking theory. In my experience, I’ve found that most shooters who people claimed were bullies were actually the bully themselves. Again I feel that this shooting was planned well in advance was caused by a gun-obsessed person who manufactured some imaginary sleight against him so he could justify his own actions.


      1. Well, ok. I dont have a firm opinion yet on that one guy, per se. Yeah, he also has, “asshole ” traits and ideation, etc.

        But I did read your wonderful “About me ” page, and I send much respect for what you have experienced via the “trenchcoat mafia ” harassment, and also your dealings with internet PsyOp and its associated “Anonymous ” profilers, behavioral analysts, and DoD affiliated social engineers since the early 90s.

        That said, I do not have a single “theory ” of gang stalking, but rather, I have collected evidence of gang stalkers as a police /intel /security industry mob in its own right (LEIUs, for example, and other police /intel affiliated narrative control agents as we saw with Ahmaud Arbery, et al ).

        I have also documented DVIC beneficiaries and black propaganda agents ranging from pseudo-feminist elements from the “forensic psychology ” crowd like Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, Liz Dietrich, David V. James, Christine Sarteschi, et al. as actual disinformation agents who, despite their advanced degrees, cannot make simple connections between “proactive policing ” and “Moonshot CVE. ”

        So, little “theory, ” and lots of evidence that gang stalkers are who, and what I say they are, with ideological social engineering goals.

        And those goals, quite nefarious indeed. With evidence that I welcome anyone to refute.


      2. Also, I am curious: what is your evidence for this “theory, ” that you stated above?

        “was caused by a gun-obsessed person who manufactured some imaginary sleight against him so he could justify his own actions”

        You posit an interesting and arguable sleight, without evidence.

        What sleight are you suggesting? After all, the only media reported video of him days that he targeted a specific individual, and said that he ‘entered the classroom and shot THE GUY. ’

        Who was that “guy ” seems like a rational question, would you agree?

        And, if that, then why?

        Thats a basic question of an investigative journalist, and such inquiry is necessary in a purported “free society ” like western governments tout, right?

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        1. My theory comes from repeated behaviors I’ve seen in school shootings over the past 20 years. While there is no official ‘profile’ for a school shooter, I find many of them to be egomaniacal sociopaths, for lack of a better term, who believe the world owes them something. Then when they find out that the world isn’t fair they lash out in an incredibly violent manner.

          At least that’s my belief of what happened at Columbine and just about every school shooting since has been mostly influenced by Columbine.


          1. Egomaniacal?

            Thats a weird assessment, considering that many of them sought to “disappear ”.

            Like the.murdered Sol Pais, for example 。

            Try not to forget that Columbine “happened ” because an FBI agents son filmed a video of it “happening” one year before it “happened ”

            This what our modern.FBI does. These agents have very little to do withlaw “enforcement ” and EVERYTHING to do with public relations activity that promotes their “causes ” and (NGO /Corporate /Geo-political )agendas.

            In.my own case, the Asian FBI pops up, but when I encountered him, it was through his asshats and associates.

            But that link is verified by the evidence. With an address where those asshats lived together, in Temple City, ca.

            I mean, sure, lits of TIs are police, retired police/military police/private cobtractors, but I used SOCMINT, and name.names, with evidence.

            So, sure- I askk you- whats your “evidence” that the Columbine shooters domehow aacted independently, outside of FBI handlers, and their relatives?

            Zero is my guess.


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