Man charged in the murder of Chanel Petro-Nixon briefly escapes prison

Man charged in the murder of Chanel Petro-Nixon briefly escapes prison
Veron Primus

Chanel Petro-Nixon was 16-years-old when she was strangled to death on the streets of Brooklyn. Her body was later found in a garbage bag. For a decade, no one was charged with her murder. It was in 2016 when investigators were finally able to connect a person of interest to Chanel’s murder.  That person was Veron Primus.

Primus was a classmate of Chanel’s and the last person to see her alive. Primus was deported back to his native St. Vincent and The Grenadines after a stint in a New York State prison for violating a restraining order. It was in St. Vincent where Primus was arrested for the murder of another woman. In 2016, Primus was arrested for allegedly murdering 24-year-old real estate agent Sharleen Greaves by stabbing her to death.

After that arrest, investigators from New York were finally able to connect Primus to Chanel’s murder. Although, I have yet to read what evidence they collected after the arrest that finally allowed them to charge Primus.

Earlier this week, Primus was allegedly able to escape from the St. Vincent prison where he was being held for trial. Primus was on the run on the island for 12 hours before turning himself in to his own attorney.

Chanel’s family have endured so much over the past 13 years that they don’t need any more drama from this lowlife. Here’s hoping that the Vincentian authorities can keep him locked up until trial or until such a time that he can be extradited back to New York to face justice for Chanel’s murder.

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