School employee who threatened mass shooting only gets probation

School employee who threatened mass shooting only gets probation
Travis John Anthony Warner Busch

I originally posted about 37-year-old Travis John Anthony Warner Busch here. He was arrested back in April for threatening to shoot up the high school he worked for in Duluth, Minnesota.

Busch was said to have admired an unidentified school shooter and compared himself to the gunman from the Las Vegas concert shooting that left 58 dead. Police found a loaded .357 in his car and a veritable arsenal at his home. This included equipment that could have turned a semi-automatic weapon into a fully automatic one, you know, a machine gun.

This oast Wednesday, Busch was sentenced to five years of probation. That’s right, no jail time at all. Busch is banned from schools and is not allowed to have drugs are alcohol. I would imagine that his gun ownership rights have been restricted as well. However, probation is kind of like a restraining order when it comes to someone who has their mind set on committing a mass shooting. It’s not going to stop them.

I’m sure it wouldn’t take much for someone on probation to acquire a firearm. Hell, it happens all over the country just about every day. But you know, here we have to respect the right of the gun more than we do the right of a high school student to be educated in safety.

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