Jiu-Jitsu coach caught Snapchatting student

Jiu-Jitsu coach caught Snapchatting student
Justin Calhoun

Like I recently said, I can’t profile every online predator like I used to. (Check my Twitter for more of those.) However, there are still some of them that catch my eye.

In my experience, a lot of teachers and coaches who creep on underage students seem to use Snapchat to groom their prey more often than not. Today’s subject is no exception. He’s 43-year-old Justin Calhoun who owns a jiu-jitsu studio in Las Vegas. He’s accused of allegedly Snapchatting a picture of himself nude to one of his female students that was under the age of 14. This was after reportedly teeing his victim if she didn’t send him a picture of her in her volleyball shorts he would send her the nude picture. The picture had the caption “Do you mind?”

That’s not all that Calhoun is accused of. He is also accused of sexually assaulting the girl which if you read the details of, goes way beyond creepy.

If you have kids and one of their teachers or coaches is contacting them on Snapchat, it’s my opinion that it’s not for any curricular activity. To me, it seems more like that the person chatting with your kid is using Snapchat to circumvent any parental detection. If they need to contact your child through social media, make them do it through you on a more appropriate platform.

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