OKC Columbiner wanted to outdo McVeigh, turned in by mom

OKC Columbiner wanted to outdo McVeigh, turned in by mom
McVeigh’s execution chamber

Speaking of Oklahoma City and Columbine, late last week, an Oklahoma City mother turned her 14-year-old son in to police. She believed that her son was plotting an attack against Douglass High School. The mother not only found a hit list but she also found a journal detailing her son’s intentions

In one entry dated 4/21/19, he wrote, “yesterday was Columbine Day, a day to celebrate, a day to celebrate a grand day in the attack on the tyrannical people in control.”

He also referenced the 1995 bombing of the Alfred Murrah Federal Building in OKC writing, “I will wreak havoc in Oklahoma City like never before, bigger than McVey. It will be a glorious sight…When you hear my thunder it won’t be long until you’re 6 feet under.”

He also threatened his mother and a metro high school writing, “If my mom keeps treating me the way she does I’ll kill her, her friends, her boyfriend, everyone at Douglas High School and myself.”

The suspect was also said to have stolen his mom’s cell phone while she slept so he could watch YouTube videos about school shootings.

Hats off to this mom for doing the right thing. Too many parents would either chalk this up as just a phase or would ignore it altogether until it was too late. It absolutely must have been the most difficult choice she has had to make as a parent.

As for the columbiners who admire people like Harris, Klebold, and in some cases McVeigh just look where they ended up. There’s nothing you can accomplish from the graves of a coward.

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