Columbine obsessed woman has weapons taken away

Columbine obsessed woman has weapons taken away
Michelle Kolts

I originally posted about Michelle Kolts here. She’s the 27-year-old woman who is reportedly obsessed with Columbine and Oklahoma City who was found to be making pipe bombs in her home. At the time of the initial reporting, it was stated that he was also in possession of smokeless pistol powder, 23 knives, and nunchucks.

More recently, police have requested a Risk Protection Order that would allow police to temporarily confiscate any firearms. The question I have is was she ever in any possession of firearms?

One report states that police discovered a bow-and-arrow, multiple handguns and long guns, knives and an axe. That report also included this picture.


You can see a series of guns in the picture.

However, FOX 13 in Florida provides us with this picture which may tell a different story.


All these guns appear to be AirSoft guns which only fire rubber pellets. Granted, someone could take the time to make the tips of real guns orange to try and fool police but as far as I know, that’s a very rare occurrence.

Details are sparse, but I’d like to know, and I’m sure the public would as well if there were any actual firearms in the home.

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