Is the Kreepy Kik app here to stay?

Is the Kreepy Kik app here to stay?

The last time we discussed mobile messaging app Kik, the preferred tool of sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors, we had heard that Kik may be sold off to an interested buyer. At the time I was skeptical of the news since I had only read that information from a random cryptocurrency blog. If you’ll recall, Kik’s parent company was getting rid of Kik so they could avoid any conflict of interest over their cryptocurrency Kin.

Now, TechCrunch is reporting that Kik CEO Ted Livingston has announced that they’ve signed a letter intent to sell Kik to an unidentified entity.

As I’ve stated before, my main concern with Kik is that it did little to discourage the predators from using their platform. With another company buying it, a second-hand Kik seems even more dangerous to me.

Maybe if a well-known and trustworthy company is buying Kik I might change my mind. I just really don’t foresee that happening.

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