16-year-old found with loaded gun at Minnesota high school

16-year-old found with loaded gun at Minnesota high school

Last week, in St. Paul, Minnesota, a 16-year-old student of  Jennings Community School was allegedly found to be in possession of a loaded 9MM handgun. The student was said to have taken a picture of himself with the gun in the school bathroom which was posted to Snapchat.

School faculty was able to get the gun off the student without any incident but what the student told investigators is more than disturbing…

He told officers that he got the gun from someone on his way to school that day, but added that “he (couldn’t) say too much … (or) say somebody’s name,” according to the charges.

The teen reportedly smelled “strongly of marijuana” at the time, and told officers that he smoked it earlier that morning.

So, we have a 16-year-old who’s high AF as the kids say and just happened to get a gun from someone on his way to school. Then, while still potentially high took the loaded gun into the school where he posed with it for Snapchat.

No word on where the gun actually came from but he could potentially be telling the truth. However, only by the slimmest odds did this not turn into a deadly situation. If you’ll recall, the school shooting at Campbell County High School in 2005 is said to have started when school faculty tried taking the gun from Kenny Bartley.

At one point, I’m sure the gun belonged to a ‘responsible’ gun owner because black market guns just don’t end up on the street by magic.

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