Kreepy Kik app has new owners

Kreepy Kik app has new owners

The last we had heard about the fate of the mobile messaging app Kik was that their original owners had found a potential buyer for the platform. Now we know who that buyer is.

The Verge is reporting that Kik has been bought by MediaLab which The Verge describes as “a holding company that owns companies like anonymous-messaging app Whisper.” MediaLab says that they are committed to the Kik app and that they will be bringing improvements to the app.

In the blog post, MediaLab committed to continuing to develop Kik Messenger, saying that it will spend “the next few months” on making the app “faster, more reliable, [and] less buggy.”

What we haven’t heard yet from MediaLab is how committed they are to keeping sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors from using their service or even if they see it as a problem. I guess only time will tell. However, if I was still the parent of underage kids there would be no way that I would ever allow them to have Kik on any of their devices.

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