App alerts parents when kids are contacted by sex offenders

App alerts parents when kids are contacted by sex offenders

A new mobile app called OffenderWatch Safe Virtual Neighborhood is said to scan your kids’ mobile devices for contact from registered sex offenders. It is said to scan your kids’ Snapchat, texts, emails, GPS location, and phone calls and will send an alert to parents if an RSO tries to contact your child. It will even send an alert if a child is an area too close to the address of an RSO. It only costs $9.99/yr and can be purchased here.  In the interest of transparency, that is not a referral link and in a moment I’ll tell you why.

From what I can glean from their website it sounds like a pretty thorough app however I do have some caveats about it. The first is that you can only get the full set of features on Android devices. iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad only get the email scan and location alerts. This sounds more like an Apple having an issue the app then OffenderWatch only offering limited options. Secondly, there are other apps besides Snapchat that predators can use to contact your children. It is one of the more prevalent ones but not the only one. Lastly, it seems powerless if someone not on the sex offender registry tries to approach your child through their phone or tablet.

Having said all that, it’s probably a good idea to purchase this app if you’re so inclined. While no parental control app can provide you with 100% protection for your child, it’s better than relying on nothing.

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