Shooting at Northern California High School

Shooting at Northern California High School

Earlier today there was a shooting at Ridgway High School in Santa Rosa, California. A 17-year-old male student shot a 16-year-old student right outside the school. Both the shooter and victim are students of the school. After the shooting, the shooter allegedly put the gun in a backpack and handed it off to an accessory. The accessory took off with the backpack and has yet to be apprehended to my knowledge. The victim is reported to be in stable condition. The shooter tried hiding in a locked classroom but was apprehended by police. The suspect has not been identified yet due to his age. The shooting appears to have been a personal attack.

I hesitate to call shootings like this a ‘school shooting’ since the term, in my opinion, has a certain connotation. However, it doesn’t change the fact that a minor was armed with a gun at a school. No word on where the gun came from yet.

The Press Democrat
CBS News

3 thoughts on “Shooting at Northern California High School”

  1. I’ve read this blog site a long time ago. This is my hometown. I worked with a kid for a county fair project who said he knew the shooter and it was a gang beef. From what he and another said it was also a family dispute.

    What’s bizarre is the shooter actually walked back to class right after doing it and during the lockdown, and was smiling or laughing after the shooting. Santa Rosa is generally safe but there is a gang problem (a few months before this shooting, 4 people including a 10-yo were shot at a soccer game by a gangster).

    The school where this happened is a continuation school for mostly troubled kids or those doing poorly in school. I had an ex-friend who graduated from there, who was also troubled with drugs, fighting and theft. (Had to leave those friends) It’s right next to a big high school, SRHS, and the junior college is right nearby so it’s a busy area.

    I don’t know much beyond this, but I have some little connection with that school and area. Just wondering if you wanted to know more details.


      1. All you missed was the shooter’s name and his charges, but I don’t think his name means anything. He may be tried as an adult but I think the story died down a week after it happened, and probably because he’s just sitting in a juvenile detention center (which looks nice from the outside and I heard they serve good food which isn’t fair). The name of his gang wasn’t published apparently due to police not wanting its name to be known out of notoriety reasons which is a good idea. That kid that knew him said it wasn’t a bigger gang like Nortenos, but a smaller mixed-race gang from an apartment complex or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was let out on home arrest because of corona.

        The thing could’ve been a lot more serious but he didn’t have a more powerful weapon, and there were some cops a block or two away possibly, but not really at that school probably that moment.


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