Facebook vigilantes accuse lost man of being a creeper

Facebook vigilantes accuse lost man of being a creeper

Have you ever been driving to someplace new and get lost? Even with modern GPS, someone can still make a wrong turn into somebody else’s neighborhood. That’s what happened to a man from Big Lake, Minnesota, but he didn’t think he’d be labeled a public menace because of it.

The unnamed man was going to pick up his son at his son’s new home. He got lost, turned around in someone’s driveway, used his phone to call his son, then left. For his troubles, someone in the neighborhood posted the following on Facebook with a picture of the man’s truck…

“This creeper man was taking pics of houses on (Street Name). But what irritated me is when he rolled down the window to clearly take a pic of my son & neighbor boy at their bus stop. I’m not OK with that! Be on the look out!”

Of course, since Facebook is full of gullible morons the post went viral. Now, total strangers around town are calling this man a creeper just because of the overactive imagination of a lone busybody.

It’s great to be vigilant about unusual things going on in your neighborhood but not every vehicle that stops on your street is driven by a criminal. And if you do suspect some kind of malicious activity, call the police instead of sharing it on Facebook like a dumbass.

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