The good guy with a gun myth

The good guy with a gun myth

USA Today recently interviewed Terrance Hopkins who is a Dallas police senior corporal. Officer Hopkins exchanged gunfire with a gunman who was armed with an AK-47. The gunman ended up killing five Dallas police officers.

When USA Today asked Officer Hopkins about ‘good guys with guns’ he had a lot to say about the subject…

“Since people can open carry, concealed carry in Texas, how many incidents have you seen in these mass shootings where a ‘good guy with a gun’ has ended that terror?” Hopkins, president of the Black Police Association of Greater Dallas, said.

“It’s been extremely minimal,” the 29-year veteran of the force said.

A good guy with a gun should mean something good, Hopkins said.

“Law enforcement is still troubled because when we show up on the scene, we don’t exactly know who the good guy is, right?” he said. “But things can happen very fast when people have guns out.”

“We may possibly shoot the good guy because, again, we don’t know.”

Police officers don’t want anybody else to be armed on the scene, he said.

“The ability to carry a gun and then operate in some of these spaces, it’s tough for law enforcement – and now you interject a civilian,” Hopkins said.

Make no mistake. Hopkins believes in Second Amendment rights.

“But I’m for those rights with restrictions,” he said. “I don’t think military-grade weapons should be sold in the open market.”

The country has seen what those weapons can do, he said.

“You can name any one of these mass shootings,” Hopkins said. “Generally, there’s an assault rifle attached to it.”

Yet he felt no relief when Colt announced Sept. 19 that it would cease production of its semiautomatic AR-15 for consumers in what it couched as a business decision.

“It’s probably not going to make a difference because there are way too many guns out there today,” Hopkins said. “We’re kind of behind the curve.”

As I’ve said before, in my opinion, people who openly carry are not so secretly just looking for a reason to shoot somebody under the guise of being a ‘good guy with a gun’. In reality, they’re more likely to get shot by police than fulfilling any hero fantasies they may have.

So, leave your ego-booster at home. Nobody’s impressed.

One thought on “The good guy with a gun myth”

  1. That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it, but thank God that we have the 2nd amendment and I can carry my gun to defend myself and my family if necessary. I think it makes things much tougher for the bad guy if he is going into a place where he does not know who might be armed, rather than knowing that none of the law abiding citizens will be any threat. By the way, in my opinion, anyone that says they support the 2nd amendment BUT… really does not.


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