Santa Fe High School shooter ruled incompetent to stand trial

Santa Fe High School shooter ruled incompetent to stand trial

Dimitrios Pagourtzis was 17 when he committed a school shooting at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas back in April of last year. Before it was all over, ten students lay dead. Pagourtzis was known to have a Columbine obsession as he would continually wear a trench coat along with a shirt that said ‘Born to Kill’. Pagourtzis is said to have committed the mass murder using the shotgun and .38 pistol owned by his father.

Earlier today it was announced that Pagourtzis was ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial. Three different experts, one from the prosecution, one from the defense and an independent expert, agreed that Pagourtzis is mentally incompetent. It was also pointed out that this does not reflect Pagourtzis’ mental state at the time of the shooting but his current mental state. Normally, when shooters like this are declared incompetent, I accuse them of having a case of faker-itis, but since three experts have declared him incompetent I’m not going to refute their findings. Pagourtzis will be sent to a state mental facility for four to six months where he will be reevaluated for mental competency.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Pagourtzis will not face justice for his actions. A number of school shooters or school killers have been ruled incompetent only to be eventually tried and convicted after treatment. The one that sticks out in my mind is One Goh who shot and killed seven at Oikos University in Oakland. He was ruled incompetent a number of times before being sentenced to seven life sentences.

While I’m sure this has come as a devastating blow to the families of Pagourtzis’ victims, I am confident that justice will be ultimately served.

NBC News
CBS 19

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