Dumbass poses with AR-15 and says ‘Coming to a school near you’

Dumbass poses with AR-15 and says 'Coming to a school near you'
Aaron James Mauer

The smiling chucklefuck up there is 22-year-old Aaron James Mauer of Oostburg, Wisconsin. He was recently arrested for allegedly posting a picture of himself to Snapchat holding an AR-15 with a caption that read “Coming to a school near you.” If that wasn’t enough, Mauer was also wearing a trench coat and mask in the picture.

When police showed up to his house Mauer reportedly claimed that it was all part of his Halloween costume. However, when he was asked by police what his costume was supposed to be, he is said to have responded with that he wasn’t sure. The AR-15 was quite real though.

Do I think this assclown was really planning a school shooting? No. But obviously, this reprobate has no business owning an AR-15. Just another ‘responsible’ gun owner.

2 thoughts on “Dumbass poses with AR-15 and says ‘Coming to a school near you’”

  1. So because he made a bad joke he should have his second amendment rights violated? You sound like an angry person I suspect you could do violence we should raid your home and take any weapons or knives you have so you can’t actually commit the crime right?? You’re logic is flawed and you are part of the problem with this country.


    1. His 2nd Amendment rights wouldn’t be violated because there are limits to even your sacrosanct right to bear arms. Much like there are certain forms of speech that aren’t protected under the 1st Amendment such as threats.


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