Would-be NC school shooter released on bond

Would-be NC school shooter released on bond
Paul Steber

If you’ll recall, 19-year-old Paul Steber was arrested back in August for allegedly plotting a school shooting against High Point University in High Point, North Carolina. Steber is from Boston but reportedly wanted to attend HPU because it’s easier to buy a gun in North Carolina than it is in Massachusetts.

Steber was said to have told investigators that he was planning the shooting since Christmas of 2018 and also said he would shoot up the school if his roommate got into a frat and he didn’t. Steber was also said to be in possession of a semi-automatic handgun and a double-barreled shotgun while living on campus.

Well, residents of either the NC Triad or Boston may want to keep their eyes out as Steber has posted a $250,000 bond and is currently out of jail. Steber originally had a bond of $3 million but it was reduced after a mental evaluation. His next court date is scheduled for January, 10th.

While I have not seen a report of this, I imagine it was his parents who posted his bond. If you had a child that admitted to plotting a school shooting, would you pony up $250K to potentially put an admitted danger back on the streets?

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