Trio of students arrested for school shooting plot in Upstate NY

Trio of students arrested for school shooting plot in Upstate NY

Three students, all under the age of 16, have been arrested for allegedly plotting a school shooting against Albion Middle School in Albion, New York. The trio of plotters were said to have coordinated their plans over the chat platform Discord.

Police say that there was no specific motive but noted that one of the students was upset after being shunned by a classmate. So far, they’ve all been charged as juveniles.

Normally when one of these plots is discovered I just post a link to my Twitter feed and be done with it since they happen with alarming frequency anymore. However, it’s being reported that several ‘legally possessed’ firearms have ben confiscated. And just how do middle schoolers get their hands on ‘legally possessed’ firearms? I’m sensing some ‘responsible’ gun owners possibly in one or more of their families.

Time will tell.

UPDATE 1/19/2020: Two of the plotters pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges on January 8th. The third suspect is set to be in court later this month. Still no word on where the guns came from or if anyone will be held responsible for that.

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